24hr Secure Delay is a simple feature that places a 24-hour delay before Bitcoin sends from your account are processed. During this 24-hour period, you can cancel the send from the app, which will mark the transaction as 'Cancelled' and return the BTC back into your BTC account.

We recommend keeping secure delay turned on to keep your account safe, as it will allow you to cancel any Bitcoin sends that you do not want to be processed within 24 hours.

Cancelling a Bitcoin Send in Secure Delay

To cancel a Bitcoin Send in Secure Delay:

  1. Navigate to your transaction history via the Amber dashboard, by swiping up on the transactions

  2. Tap the 'Send' transaction

  3. Tap 'Cancel Send' at the bottom of the transaction

Alternatively, reach out to [email protected] if you need help cancelling a BTC send.

Note: Bitcoin cannot be unsent once they have been broadcasted to the network. Some Bitcoin sends may be flagged and subject to review.

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