Exchange Fees:

Exchange fees are linked to your membership tier.
Amber Basic members: 0.99% of Bitcoin purchases or sales.
Amber Black members: 0% of Bitcoin purchases or sales.

Payment methods:

Depositing via PayID incurs a flat $1.95 fee.

Debit/Credit Card has a 1.2% - 1.8% variable fee*

Apple/Google Pay has a 1.8% fee.

EFT does not incur any transaction fees.

Note: 'Payment method' fees are charged by the payment provider, and therefore are separate from exchange fees.

Withdrawal Fees:
AUD Withdrawals are free.

Bitcoin withdrawals are variable depending on the speed the transaction is processed at.

*There will be a 1.8% charge fee per debit/credit card transaction below $2,000 or 1.2% fee per transaction above $2,000.

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