Step 1 – Funding AUD Account ($1.95 flat funding fee)

  1. Open your AUD account by tapping the blue ‘AUD Account’ card on the dashboard

  2. Tap ‘Deposit’

  3. Select ‘PayID’

  4. In your personal banking app, set up a recurring payment using PayID. Ensure the payment goes to the specified PayID email ([email protected]). Also, ensure it includes your unique transaction description. If you exclude the unique transaction description, your payment will not be allocated

  5. Once you have sent the payment, the funds will be in your AUD account, and available to set up your recurring purchase

Step 2 – Purchasing BTC from AUD Account (0.99% exchange fee, or 0% on Amber Black)

  1. Now that you’ve funded your AUD account, tap ‘buy’ on the dashboard

  2. Select ‘AUD Account’ as the purchase method

  3. Select ‘Recurring’

  4. Input purchase amount, and frequency

  5. Review the recurring purchase and swipe to confirm

The recurring funding payment from your bank using PayID is necessary to prevent your recurring purchase from stopping once the AUD account funds are exhausted.

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