EFT works by sending a payment from your bank account. This payment is sent to provided bank details, ensuring you include your unique transaction description.

To purchase via EFT, tap 'Buy' on the dashboard and select 'Electronic Funds Transfer'.

  • If you would like to buy Bitcoin via EFT, make sure you have selected the 'buy Bitcoin' option. Then, send the payment to the supplied bank details, ensuring you include the unique transaction description.

  • If you would prefer to have more control over the timing of the purchase, start off by funding your AUD account using the 'Deposit AUD' option. Once the funds land, it will credit your Amber AUD account, and you can purchase within the app by selecting your payment option as 'AUD Account'.

For both options, the funds are processed once they land in our account, which may take 1-4 business days from when the payment is made.

Depositing AUD into your account is free, and purchasing Bitcoin via EFT will incur our 0.99% exchange fee (Or 0% if you are on Amber Black).

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