Some payment methods used by Amber have long dispute windows. To ensure the platform is protected from fraud we have a system that locks balance from withdrawing, depending on the funding method used.

Waiting periods for payment methods

Transactions via EFT and PayID can be withdrawn immediately after the transaction has settled.

For transactions via Credit/Debit Cards and Apple/Google Pay, the balance will be available for withdrawal after 45 days.

Once it has been 90 days since the first transaction of that specific card, all purchases will be immediately available for withdrawal.

Previewing your locked balance

You can preview your locked balance breakdown by navigating to the BTC send or AUD withdrawal screen, and selecting the 'Available | Locked Balances' button'.

1. Select 'AUD Wallet'

2. Select 'Withdraw'

3. Select 'Available | Locked Balances'

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