Sending bitcoin to your own external wallet address is done via the 'Send Bitcoin' feature. To send Bitcoin:

1. Open your Bitcoin account by tapping the orange 'Bitcoin card' on the dashboard.

2. Tap 'send' up the top right. (blue button)

3. Read terms on waiting periods for sending BTC, and tap 'I understand' if you wish to proceed

4. Select 'Transfer once'

5. Enter the amount and confirm BTC wallet address then tap 'Preview'

6. Once you confirm the details of your BTC withdrawal, Swipe right to confirm

There is a 0.0003 BTC (30,000 sats) fee on all BTC sends.

Note: Amber has a security system that restricts withdrawal limits until you’ve fulfilled a certain level of account verification. You can view your current account limits by navigating to the ‘account limits’ section of the profile tab. Please note you’ll need to be on the most recent version of the app to see this.

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